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Alimarket 30/11/12 – Kartogroup projects its entry into the industry

Backtracks on the planned renovation

A few dates to consummate a restructuring project that included both the trash merging with its parent Kartogroup, Cominter Inversions, such as changing its name to Cominter Paper, the group decided to park it, and continue to operate as it had done to the time. So Cominter Holdings, parent and head of the group, continues signing 100% of the manufacturer of tissue derived from maintaining Kartogroup Spain, which keeps its name, and the manufacturer of rolls and aluminum trays Factor Plus Health Products and 30% of the manufacturer of wipes for various uses Optimal Care. Internal reasons have led the group to reverse this decision, however, is not ruled out for another time.

In another vein, Kartogroup continues its growth plans and planned to start in the development of tissue derivatives in industrial format. For now, it is immersed in the acquisition of a line for industrial rolls (for cleaning hands and for hygienic stretcher, among others), who hopes to be installed late next 2013 and planned for that one, investment in around 2.7 M € 4 million of which will be absorbed by the machine. The entry into this new segment rekindles an old project of the company in relation to the commissioning of the machinery for making paper rolls; project that once estimated at € 30 million.

The installation of the industrial line happens to start along this year, a new line of hygienic for consumption, which involved an initial investment of 2.5 M €, but eventually exceeded € 3 million. The company focuses its production on toilet roll (which account for almost three quarters of their elaborate), kitchen rolls (about 20%) and to a lesser extent, napkins and handkerchiefs that markets, by 95% for MDD, and distributed both in the domestic market (80%) and by the Portuguese (15%) and France (5%).

Kartogroup, which supplies several major distribution companies, has provided around 65 M € of sales throughout this year, representing a slight increase compared to M € 63.91 invoiced in the previous year.