Cominter Paper S.A.

Manufacturers of single-use products for retail

Who we are

We are manufacturers and distributors of tissue paper, cardboard and disposable products since 1978.

With an experience of over 30 years, Cominter was founded in 1978 with an initial activity of export of paper and paperboard.

During this period Cominter has expanded its manufacturing capacity and distribution of single-use products: toilet paper, kitchen rolls, napkins, tissues,  and in the marketing of aluminum and cardboard trays.

Major Brands of Hypermarkets and Supermarkets and Discount international groups, among others, rely on group companies. Thus, we are present in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Norway and North Africa.

The know-how acquired allows us to manufacture and distribute a variety of products and references, some manufactured in our facilities and other marketed as exclusive agents.

Cominter has been promoter in Spain of numerous investments in paper sector and cardboard.

These investments have been greater than 100 million Euros and have created more than 500 direct jobs.

Some of the projects where Cominter has acted as sponsor and partner are:

  • 1990 Eurotisu S.A.
    (Mediona - Barcelona)

    1990 Erotisu S.A (Mediona – Barcelona)
    Production and manipulation of tissue.
    CartoInvest foreign partner (Italian).
    Acquired by SCA Hygiene Products (Sweden) in 2002.

  • 1991 Onduspan S.A.
    (Nijar - Almeria)

    Manufacture of corrugated cardboard to the horticultural industry.

    Foreign partner Rossman Group (France).

  • 2001 Kartogroup España S.A.

    Production and manipulation of tissue. Foreign partner Kartogroup spa (Italy). 100% capital acquired by Cominter in 2008.

  • 2004 Optimal Care S.A.
    (Yunquera de henares-Guadalajara)

    Manufacture of baby wipes, cosmetic and household cleaning. Cominter had a 30% stake.

  • 2014 Cominter Tisu S.L.

    Manufacturing of tissue paper mother reels in pure cellulose and recycled.

    Cominter acquires all the assets of Gureola plant (Celulosas Hernani) and put back into operation production facilities.

  • 2014 Optimal Care S.A.
    (Yunquera de henares-Guadalajara)

    Cominter sold its 30% equity.