Cominter has 40+ years of experience
in the production and distribution of tissue paper

  1. Xavier Riba was part of the team that set up the first tissue factory (Sarrió Tissue) in Allo, Navarre. Today it belongs to Essity.
  2. Cominter Paper founded as a commercial company to sell tissue paper rolls in Africa and the Middle East.
  3. Cominter Paper forms a joint venture with the Italian group Cartoinvest (Carrara Group) and launches a converting and a tissue paper machine in Mediona, Barcelona. Sold to Essity in 2002
    Jordi Canals joins the company in 1992
  4. Cominter forms a joint venture with Kartogroup Spa and acquires a tissue paper factory in Burriana (Castellón) under the name Kartogroup España SA. Cominter holds 25% of the capital.
  5. Cominter acquires 100% of the capital of Kartogroup Spain
  6. Cominter acquires a tissue paper factory in Hernani under the name of Cominter Tisú
  7. Launch of the AFH range in Burriana
  8. Start-up of a new paper machine in Burriana (PM4)