Kartogroup Spain, based in Burriana, installs a solar farm

CASTELLÓ. Kartogroup Spain, a company in Castellón specializing in the manufacture and distribution of tissue paper, cardboard and single-use products, has opted for photovoltaic self-supply with the installation of a 1.7 MWp solar farm.

January 2024 (Castellón Plaza)

An energy saving and sustainability measure through which the company seeks greater competitiveness and paves the way for its decarbonization, avoiding the emission of 832 tons of CO2 per year, as noted in a press release.

The solar farm to supply energy to Kartogroup is located on a plot adjacent to its factory in Burriana. It consists of 2,872 660W photovoltaic modules tilted 30%, and it has a surface area of 5,400 m2. The energy produced by the farm is cheaper than that supplied by the grid, which will make the company more competitive.

Return on investment in four years

“We are in a high energy consumption industry, so it was essential to look for solutions that help minimize costs. We also have to be at the forefront, reduce emissions and join the race to decarbonization. We opted for photovoltaics as it is a clean energy that offers multiple advantages, with a very short payback period of approximately 4 years,” says the manager of Kartogroup Spain, Pascual Gómez.

Due to its characteristics, Kartogroup was unable to install photovoltaic panels on the roof of its factories, which is why it opted for this type of self-supply solar farm following a study conducted by Cubierta Solar, a company specializing in energy solutions. “We couldn’t put it on the roof, so they offered us this solution since the plot next to the factory was available. It’s a solution that takes us closer to decarbonization since we have to comply with the 2030 agenda. It’s time to do it; tomorrow it will be too late,” concludes Gomez.
A self-supply solar farm below 5 MW is an alternative for companies that, like Kartogroup, do not have roofs on which to install panels but do have land. It’s a solution that has advantages over rooftop panels since it is easy to install, fast to approve and more profitable.