Ence and Kartogroup Donate 24 Tons of Medical Supplies to Pontevedra

Two trucks transport paper for medical and hygienic use to 44 primary care centres and hospitals in the Pontevedra and O Salnés areas

April 2020 (La Voz de Galicia)

Ence and Kartogroup donated 24 tons of medical supplies, produced with cellulose from the Lourizán factory, “from Galician wood” and that “will be provided to various public hospitals and primary care centres in the province of Pontevedra”. The company underscored that the paper products donated are Totally Chlorine Free (TCF), as the Lourizán plant is one of the only two in Europe that uses this procedure in its production.

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The collaborative effort between Ence and Kartogroup – a company that produces tissue paper – made it possible to provide 44 primary care centres and hospitals in Montecelo, Provincial and O Salnés with two trucks full of paper for medical and hygienic use. Ence emphasised that “in this way the two companies are collaborating in the fight against coronavirus, given the importance of ensuring supplies of cellulose products, especially tissue paper, for medical centres, the main application of Ence’s cellulose, necessary for the hygienic measures to prevent and combat COVID- 19”.

The company stated that this donation of 24 tons of medical supplies is yet another example of a “commitment to the community” as a “priority.” He added that “This is evidenced by Ence’s social plan, which, year after year, contributes to improving the quality of life of Pontevedra’s residents. Actions such as this demonstrate the company’s firm commitment to the cities and people associated with the Lourizán biofactory”.