Borriana Company Donates Six Tons of Toilet Paper and Paper Towels to the Provincial Government of Castelló

The president of the Diputación (provincial government) appreciated the gesture by the company Kartogroup: "We have a business community and private initiatives committed to society and its problems"

April 2020 (El Diariocv)

The president of the provincial government of Castelló, José Martí, thanked Kartogroup for its gesture of solidarity. Based in Borriana, the company donated six tons of toilet paper and paper towels for medical and social uses to the provincial institution.

Martí himself, and Provincial Deputy for Rural Development Santi Pérez, conveyed their appreciation to the company’s Operations Director Pascual Gómez. Kartogroup also participated with Ence on the donation of medical material produced using cellulose from Galician wood to various public hospitals and primary care centres in the province of Pontevedra.

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José Martí explained that during the week the Provincial Hospital, General University Hospital of Castelló, La Plana de Vila-real Hospital, and municipal hostel of Castelló had already received some of this material, and stated that “these kinds of gestures are particularly moving because they show that we have a business community and private initiatives committed to society and its problems, ready to pitch in and help institutions face the pandemic, for everyone’s benefit”.

This type of donation is very useful and helps to bolster the actions undertaken by the Diputación since the declaration of the health emergency, facilitating access to medical and disinfectant supplies. During this period the provincial institution has acquired more than 200,000 euros worth of protective material, which has been provided to municipalities and associations so that their workers who carry out essential tasks can be properly protected.

It has also coordinated the large-scale acquisition of FFP2 masks, enabling municipalities in the province to purchase nearly 370,000 of them.

The president also wished to express his gratitude for the efforts of vehicle fleet staff, whose “work is proving decisive for the distribution of the material acquired by the Diputación and for the management of the donations received”. He added that “as a citizen of the province of Castelló, and as president of the Diputación, I want to thank you all”.